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These lectures were transcribed by T Vd Broek. Heartfelt gratitude is offered for all the hours of work spent on this Dharma activity. These talks are offered free of charge. They have been slightly edited.

June 23 91
It is important that one motivates in the best way possible to do any activity such as healing. Often we have one person in front of us that we feel concern or affection for. And then we generate lots of energy about that. But in motivating ourselves in any healing process, is to try to broaden our perspective which increases the quality and ability, the power we have for healing. We should think not only for this person, but for all people who are suffering, may I work to heal them and bring them into happiness no matter the type of illness. See the one person as a representative for all people really. In that way your mind is bigger and your blessings are larger also. In that way you create better quality within yourself. The idea of Universal Responsibility in Buddhism is based soundly on that Enlightened Beings have a very impartial open attitude in regards to all sentient beings. They do not have any one or two or a group that they work for. They would not be able to be termed Universal or working for the benefit of all.
When you think of enlightened beings, the ones you rely on, in your mind,l you should strongly see that they are universal. And if you do a visualization of the Buddha or any enlightened being, that you visualize that the light rays rain equally on all sentient beings. In that way it is very stabilizing for your own mind to appreciate that quality of Universality. As the Enlightened Beings have that quality, certainly we should try to foster that quality and nurture that in ourselves. And when you look at any one person that you are dealing with, they are a representative for all who have problems or illness or discomfort.
To rely on the Buddhas for healing, it is beneficial to invoke an entity or force which personifies healing in a strong and pure manner. In that are blessings for ourselves, improving our healing quality, and also for the individual. There are various divinities which are identified with healing. We rely on Tara, visualized pure white in the sense of purification, she has one hand forward and the other up. She is considered the most beneficial way to invoke healing or long life.
There are two ways to accomplish healing. One can visualize the Buddhas bathe the individual in light. Or you can visualize that from the Buddha a great deal of light goes out and hooks whatever is necessary for that person to be healed and then draws it into that person.
For this evening we will visualize red light goes out for Tara and hooks what is necessary. Feel that is drawn back into Tara or into yourself, and completely fills you or the individual and brings about the healing process. That influx is visualized as white for purification. In Asia, illness is said to come from the deluded mind which makes our body ill. From the delusions in our mind, we imbalance the body. The energy channels are said to be related to hormonal secretions and energy which are imbalanced by delusions. Also it is said to work the other way as well. For example, improper food can cause an imbalance in the body which can in turn make delusion very active in yourself. Bile is related with anger and frustration and resentment. phlegm is related with ignorance or thickness of thought or sluggishness. Energy or lung, is generated by desire. When these three or any one is out of balance, then we are ill. The main root of illness is the mind which puts these humors out of balance.
When you invoke Tara and have her bless someone, feel not only that she bring in what is necessary, but feel that she has the Buddha's mind, then Enlightened Mind, so she understands what this person needs. Sometimes all a person needs is a little love and they heal themselves. Sometimes they need something which startles them, breaks them out of the rut they are in. Sometimes they need physical medication. Whatever. It is not always within our capacity to know what others need. But if you rely on Tara, visualize that when she sends out her light rays as these hooks, whatever is necessary, not what you think is necessary, is gathered or attracted. And there is no limits to what sentient beings need to be healed. What ever is needed is drawn in and absorbed into that person. In doing that visualization, you will affect that person in a positive manner.
Above the space of the visualized person, you could have it above the crown of their head, have Tara. She appears and is seen as very beautiful, having a white complexion, and wonderful with an aura or rainbow colors all about her body. As you recite the mantra, visualize light rays spread out and hook whatever is necessary for this person to be healed, back into Tara, and then rained down in the form of light into the person.

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